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Elite-Teak Cork has been proven on any surface for many years. For over 30 years boat/yacht owners have chosen an Elite-Teak Cork installation based on the results of proven trials and tests, upon recommendations of friends and other boat owners and upon our vast experience and the proven durability of our product.

The one off production of prefabricated cork decks more or less replaces the traditional way of installing decks on yachts and powerboats and offers a no risk concept for the boat builder or yacht owner. Templates representing the exact sizes enable us to traditionally handcraft or CNC machine any deck precisely to size.

Why use Elite-Teak Cork?

Very Light - over 50% of its volume is air, which makes it very light - it weighs just 0.16g per cubic centimetre and can float.

Sustainable, Biodegradable, recyclable and renewable - Cork is a natural raw material which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable.

Elastic and Compressible - it is the only solid which, when compressed on one side, does not increase in volume on another; and as a result of its elasticity it is able to adapt, for example, to variations in temperature and pressure without suffering alterations.

Cool Underfoot - Thermal and Acoustic Insulator - Cork has low conductivity to heat, noise and vibration. This is because the gaseous components contained in cork are enclosed in small impermeable compartments, isolated from each other by a moisture-resistant substance.

Impermeable to Liquids and Gases - Thanks to the suberin and ceroids contained in the cell walls, cork is practically impermeable to liquids and gases. Its resistance to moisture enables it to age without deteriorating.

Fire Retardant - Cork is also a natural fire retardant: it burns without a flame and does not emit toxic gases during combustion.

Highly Abrasion Resistant - Cork is extremely resistant to abrasion and has a high friction coefficient. Thanks to its honeycomb structure, its resistance to impact or friction is greater than that of other hard surfaces

Hypoallergenic - Because cork does not absorb dust, it helps protect against allergies and does not pose a risk to asthma sufferers.

Natural Touch - The natural texture of cork combines softness and flexibility to the touch with a naturally uneven surface. The variable degree of irregularity is given by the type of cork used and the finish chosen.

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